Legend: The kidnapping – Pount Aout, Angrogna

Hey guys,
are you ready for a story of witches?
It is an ancient tale which unfortunately does not have a happy ending…
Kids of the past, in particular those who lived here in the mountains, used to have a very hard life: when they got back home from school they had to help their parents with housework and with farm animals.
You see, if you live in the mountains you must always watch your step and never go out in the dark… well, guys, actually this really needs to be done everywhere!

Grandmas would tell scary tales to their children in order to teach ‘em and warn them that they should always be wise and careful outside home…
Trust me, my little friends: this story has something to teach to each one of you!

The Angrogna creek and Pount Aout on the background
The Angrogna creek and Pount Aout on the background

Long time ago, after working throughout the whole day, people gathered in the barn, because, thanks to the animals, that was the warmest place of the house. In the barn, adults used to spend time talking to each other, and in the meanwhile somebody would tell fairy tales to the children of the house.

Posing at Pount Aout
Posing at Pount Aout

One night near Pount Aout, a suburb of Angrogna, something different happened.
That night, probably because he was bored by all that adult talk, a child tried to convince his parents to let him go out for a walk. Mom and Dad did not feel safe, but the kid carried on with his request so much that they allowed him to go out.
The kid went out with a candle and promised that he’d stay out just for a few minutes… but soon after everybody in the house heard him shouting!

I'm looking at the bridge which gives its name to the locality
I’m looking at the bridge which gives its name to the locality

His parents immediately jumped out of the barn and what they saw was a mysterious creature holding their son. In a moment the creature ran away and reached the other river bank.
The parents saw the light of the candle walk away and become smaller and smaller, until it disappeared.
The day after many people tried to find the young kid, but he never came back home to his parents.
It is believed that this happened because the child’s family had offended a witch, and that was her revenge…

Glimpse of the Angrogna river and of Pount Aout
Glimpse of the Angrogna river and of Pount Aout

I know this is a very sad story, my young friends, and it makes me very unhappy any time I tell it… but if only that kid had obeyed his parents, nothing bad would have happened!
So, guys, listen to me: run to your Mom and Dad, give ’em a huge hug and never disobey them!!!

How to get here:
going from Pinerolo/Torino towards Pellice Valley, just before reaching the center of Torre Pellice, turn right in direction of Pradeltorno (Angrogna). After a little more than 3.5 km on your left you will find the bridge with the sign “Pount Aout.”

Do you want to read the tale in Italian ?

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