Forte Santa Maria – Torre Pellice

22 April 2016

Hello! Today I want to take you to a special place, since this place – even though many facts of the past happened here – in fact is not an open site ’cause it is located on a private property; I received permission to go there and now I’ll tell you everything I know about […]

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San Giovanni – Luserna San Giovanni

8 May 2015

Hello, my friends! Today we are in a particular area in the town of Luserna San Giovanni, and we’re about to talk a little bit of history. We are on the side of the river Pellice opposite to the historic center of Luserna (called by people from the valley “High Luserna”), in the hamlet of […]

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Peyrot, Bealera Peyrota – Luserna San Giovanni

28 August 2014

Hi there! After a while, I’d like to take you again on the banks of the Bealera Peyrota in order to go deep into its history and, of course, into history of people from Pellice Valley. After flowing through the villages of Giovo and Chabas, the Bealera (which is – let me refresh your memory […]

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Jallà’s Cemetery

26 August 2014

  Hi there! Today’s walk might seem a bit macabre, but you should not think so, because we are in a very important place for Waldenses’ history and identity: we are at the Jallà’s Cemetery, in Luserna San Giovanni (To). You are probably wondering why I decided to take you in a cemetery … Here, […]

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Pertus del Diao – Bibiana

15 August 2014

Hi guys! Today we are on the banks of the river Pellice, in the district of Bibiana (To), ‘cause I’m gonna tell you a fact that is halfway between history and legend. Can you see that hole behind me? It was dug in the stone and its purpose was to bring water from the river […]

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Legend: the hornet, Bellion hamlet – Luserna San Giovanni

14 March 2014

Hello! Today we are in San Giovanni , in the District of Luserna (Val Pellice): this is a fairly large hilly area in which each group of houses has a different name . Often villages were named after the family who lived there, just as it happened here in Bellion place: Bellion indeed is a […]

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Tribulet – Luserna San Giovanni

29 November 2013

Hi there! Are you OK? Today we are in the tiny village named Tribulet, upstream the Gianavella (we’ve already been there, d’you remember?), the house which belonged to Giosuè Gianavello and which he used to live in. In these houses, located on the mount known as “The Outlaw’s mount”, Giosuè Gianavello and his mates sometimes […]

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Bealera Peyrota – Angrogna

22 November 2013

Hi there! The place we are at today is certainly precious to all of the people from Angrogna and Luserna who are following our walks, ’cause today we’re gonna talk about a river that has kept company with them for many, many years. Today we are at the first step of a long way alongside […]

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Gianavella – Luserna San Giovanni

27 September 2013

Hi guys! Today we are in a place once called “Liorato” which is very famous thanks to a legendary Waldensian hero: the person we’re going to talk about today is Giosuè Gianavello. Giosuè Gianavello, whose real name was Giosuè Gignous, was born in 1617 into a Waldensian family that moved to Luserna from Bobbio Pellice. […]

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