4 November 2016

Hello there! Today I am in Podio (in dialect “Puy”), a suburb of Bobbio Pellice, since I want to tell you about a great little piece of history. In 1560 Waldensian communities of southern Italy and southern France had been destroyed because of their faith, and the only Waldenses who had remained alive were those […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday – Garzigliana

2 June 2016

Hello there! Today I took a little day trip and I moved away (but not that much!) from my beloved Waldensian Valleys to visit the ruins of Mombrone, a little hamlet known today as Montebruno, in the municipality of Garzigliana (Torino). On this hill you can still see the medieval remains of the noble feudatories’ […]

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The Rocciaglie – Angrogna

17 July 2015

Hi there! Today we are back in high Valley of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, ‘cause I really want to show you this wonderful mountain landscape. We are at Rocciaglie, a barricade of rocks rising from the river Angrogna up to the Turle, which represented in the past a barricade for Waldensian people who were trying […]

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Pian d’la Svirota – Rorà

24 August 2014

Hi guys! Today I want to enter the woods of Rorà, in Pellice Valley, to go and search for a place which name is directly connected to a historical event that seems to have happened here. I really would like to see the place where the bandit Giosuè Gianavello succeeded in cheating the enemy troops with […]

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The temple of Roccapiatta – Prarostino

27 December 2013

Hi guys! Today we’re going to talk about the origins of the Waldesian temple of Roccapiatta, which has been built in the 16th century near to Rostagni hamlet. And about the establishing place I’d like to recount you a funny story… In 1561, after many years of resistance to the persecutions, Waldesians had a truce […]

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Legend: the girl of Pontevecchio – Luserna San Giovanni

15 November 2013

Hello guys! Today we are at Pontevecchio, a location halfway between Rorà and to Luserna San Giovanni in Pellice Valley; it takes its name from the bridge built over the river Luserna (the Englich for “Pontevecchio” is “Old Bridge”). This place is (sadly) known because of a bloody battle which took place here on 1944, […]

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Cestel – Bobbio Pellice

8 November 2013

Hi there! Today I am about to tell you a story in which history and legend mix up together. Unfortunately – I have to warn you from the very beginning – this story does not have a happy ending… We are just past the small town of Bobbio Pellice, in a little hamlet known as […]

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Odin-Bertot School – Angrogna

30 August 2013

Hello my dear friends, nice to see you again! Today we are in a very special place… I’m sure you will immediately guess where we are… that’s right, guys: let’s go to school! This is “Odin-Bertot” School; it is located on the borderline between the two suburbs that give their name to the school (Odin […]

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