Cestel – Bobbio Pellice

8 November 2013

Hi there! Today I am about to tell you a story in which history and legend mix up together. Unfortunately – I have to warn you from the very beginning – this story does not have a happy ending… We are just past the small town of Bobbio Pellice, in a little hamlet known as […]

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Chanforan – Angrogna

29 August 2013

Hello dear! Today we are visiting a site that has great historical importance to the Waldensians: Chanforan. Although nowadays we can only see the stone monument, we have to pay particular attention to the ground the monument leans on. When a group of “barba” met together here for an important meeting in 1532 ‘cause they […]

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Coulege dei Barba – Angrogna

27 August 2013

Ciao! Aren’t you wondering where our hanging around Waldensian valleys wil bring us today? Well, let’s go find out together! Today we are in Pradeltorno, a place that, time ago, could be reached from the valley floor only walking through a very narrow mule track. This well hidden site used to be a perfect refuge […]

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