Salita al Castello – Bricherasio

29 July 2016

Hello! It’s been a while since when I visited the lakes which water from Bealera Peyrota is collected in… but finally I’m back in Bricherasio! Today we’re not going to visit a historical place connected to Waldensian history, but I think you will find astonishing the fact that we are on the Stairs to a […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday – Garzigliana

2 June 2016

Hello there! Today I took a little day trip and I moved away (but not that much!) from my beloved Waldensian Valleys to visit the ruins of Mombrone, a little hamlet known today as Montebruno, in the municipality of Garzigliana (Torino). On this hill you can still see the medieval remains of the noble feudatories’ […]

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Legend: Castel del Loup – Prarostino

10 January 2014

Hi all! Today we’ll walk up to Prarostino, near to Borgata Colombini, in a place called Castel del Loup, literally Wolf’s Castle. As you can imagine, formerly in this place there was a castle, which in its 500 years of history has been a battle scene for many times. The fortification, indeed, was assaulted two […]

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Cestel – Bobbio Pellice

8 November 2013

Hi there! Today I am about to tell you a story in which history and legend mix up together. Unfortunately – I have to warn you from the very beginning – this story does not have a happy ending… We are just past the small town of Bobbio Pellice, in a little hamlet known as […]

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