Roca Ghiesa, legend – Prarostino

27 February 2015

Today I want to recount you a legend set in Prarostino, in the forest near Roca Gheisa. We already talked about this place, which is connected to many historical facts. People tell that a day, in these thick and precipitous woods, a peasant saw a man, dressed in an unbelievably way, that was climbing the […]

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Moisa, Prarostino

7 November 2014

Hi! Today I’m telling you a legend which gives me the creeps. We’re in Prarostino, a village between Val Pellice and Val Germanasca that maybe you already know because of other legends I recounted you. The story is about two peasants which a night, illuminated by the moonshine, were coming back home talking and chatting […]

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Boursela forest – Prarostino

12 September 2014

Hey guys! I’m back here to tell you a story about a hidden treasure. Today I went to Prarostino, in the woods near the Lioudera hamlet, where a legend (that all of the children who live round there know) takes place. Near this village, just below the cemetery of San Bartolomeo, there is a wooded […]

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Roca Ghiesa – Prarostino

7 March 2014

Hi all! Maybe I’ve already recounted you about Prarostino, but a tiny review is always good: today we’re going right here, in a small hill town with 1200 inhabitant in the province of Torino, at the confluence between Chisone and Pellice valleys. Historical documents tell us that Waldesians lived in this area since early 16th […]

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Legend: Castel del Loup – Prarostino

10 January 2014

Hi all! Today we’ll walk up to Prarostino, near to Borgata Colombini, in a place called Castel del Loup, literally Wolf’s Castle. As you can imagine, formerly in this place there was a castle, which in its 500 years of history has been a battle scene for many times. The fortification, indeed, was assaulted two […]

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Legend: The snake fairy – Piani, Prarostino

6 December 2013

Here I am, on time for the weekly appointment with a new story for you. This legend is set in Prarostino, a little town in the province of Torino, between Pellice and Chisone valleys, but, alas, we don’t know the exact place. I like to imagine that everything is set in this lawn, in a […]

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