Legend: the misterious ointment – Villar Pellice

20 April 2018

Hi guys! Ready for a new story today? A young man used to go and meet up every evening with two sisters, until one winter day they told him that the next evening they would not be home… the boy, intrigued by the girls’ sudden commitment , went secretly to the sisters’ house and spied […]

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The Tiny Pig’s Virgin Mary – Villar Perosa

3 March 2017

Hi kids! D’you want to know one of the things I like most of the Waldensian valleys which I come from? …well, you should always keep your eyes open ‘cause things are not always as they appear at first sight… Today for example we are in Villar Perosa, in a location known as Cascina Grossa, […]

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Malpertus – Bobbio Pellice

4 December 2015

Hello there! Today I’m back in Bobbio Pellice to tell you a legend set in the small village of Malpertus, on the way to the Conca del Pra and just beyond the Cestel, probably named this way because of the handful of houses (“pertus” means hole) that in winter time take very little sun, since […]

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Tagliaretto – Pinasca

22 May 2015

Hi! Today I’d like to recount you a legend set in the Tagliaretto hamlet, in the deep Gran Dubbione valley, above Pinasca, in Chisone valley. If you decide to venture into the green woods and the narrow trails, you won’t be betrayed when you’ll get to Tagliaretto. This small group of houses is really attractive, […]

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Legend: the sorcerers of Vengie – Angrogna

24 April 2015

Hi there! Today we are back in Angrogna, in Pellice Valley  (Turin), for a history of witches and fairies … Are you ready for that? We are on the banks of the Vengie (a stream I already told you about a long time ago), where it is said that once inhabitants round here were awakened […]

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Moisa, Prarostino

7 November 2014

Hi! Today I’m telling you a legend which gives me the creeps. We’re in Prarostino, a village between Val Pellice and Val Germanasca that maybe you already know because of other legends I recounted you. The story is about two peasants which a night, illuminated by the moonshine, were coming back home talking and chatting […]

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Boursela forest – Prarostino

12 September 2014

Hey guys! I’m back here to tell you a story about a hidden treasure. Today I went to Prarostino, in the woods near the Lioudera hamlet, where a legend (that all of the children who live round there know) takes place. Near this village, just below the cemetery of San Bartolomeo, there is a wooded […]

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Legend: The burned nappies – Charmis, Villar Pellice

25 October 2013

Hi there! My dear children, are you ready for a new tale of witchcrafts? Today we are at Charmis, a hamlet of Villar Pellice, where it is told that time ago strange events happened… In this small group of houses, where all of the inhabitants used to know and respect each other, the members of […]

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Legend: The kidnapping – Pount Aout, Angrogna

20 September 2013

Hey guys, are you ready for a story of witches? It is an ancient tale which unfortunately does not have a happy ending… Kids of the past, in particular those who lived here in the mountains, used to have a very hard life: when they got back home from school they had to help their […]

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