How are the Huguenot crosses made? – special

17 February 2017

Hello! First of all let me wish you… happy February 17th! In this occasion I want to submit a special article: since last year we went together to find out how to sew the typical Waldensian dress, be interesting today to talk a little more about Huguenot cross (even if we already did in the […]

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Waldensian Museum – Torre Pellice

19 June 2016

Hello! Today we are in a very special place for an even more special occasion… A little while ago in Torre Pellice was inaugurated the exhibition “A female heritage: clothes and costumes at the Waldensian Museum among documents and images”, and I want to take you there to discover this fascinating exhibition. The promoters of […]

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How is the Waldensian bonnet made? – special

25 March 2016

Hi there! Today I’d like to make you a very special Easter surprise… so I’m about to tell you how bonnets of the Waldensian costume are made! It’s the most peculiar element of the traditional costume, and there are very few people who still know the procedure to create one… I met Mrs. Piera from […]

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How is the Waldensian costume made? – special

12 February 2016

Hi guys, nice to see you again! As you know, in a few days it will be February 17th and, as usual, this year as well in the Waldensian Valleys the anniversary of the granting of civil rights through the Letters Patent, which took place in 1848, will be celebrated. Since I already told you […]

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Traditional Waldensian dress

11 April 2014

Hello, my friends! Nice to see you again! Today I am very happy, ’cause I’m gonna tell you something special. Next Sunday, in fact, will be Palm Sunday and for tradition Waldensian boys and girls will receive Baptism or Confirmation. Very often in Waldensian tradition children are not baptized when they are infant, but they […]

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Hello everybody!

24 August 2013

My name’s Valdesina, I live in Val Pellice, a valley in far northwestern Italy. As you can see, I wear the typical dress of Waldensian traditions… who are Waldensians? A religious minority that has lived in these valleys for a long, long time. Wanna know something more? Then follow my adventures through the valley: I’ll […]

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