The Town Mill of Bobbio Pellice

18 May 2018

Hello dear friends! Today I’m gonna show you many pictures from a very special place, and since I do not want to bore you with too much chit-chat… I really hope to intrigue you enough to make yourself go and visit the Town Mill of Bobbio Pellice! Once mills used to be buildings of great […]

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Along Pellice creek

16 March 2018

For today’s journey you won’t need neither comfortable shoes nor a full water bottle, but only a sheet of paper and a lot of immagination! Have you ever made a paper boat in order to make it cut the water of a river? And when it goes away don’t you think, as I do, that […]

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Legend: the fairy and the bad advice – Malconsej lake, Bobbio Pellice

16 February 2018

When I started my journey walking to the Pra basin the sun was shining, but during the ascension to Pian Sineive the sky got cloudier. When I took the path on the left, just after the memorial stone which remembers a plane crash occurred in 1957, haze started to rise, and I had to put […]

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The Waldensian temple of Bobbio Pellice

13 October 2017

Hello! Today we are in Bobbio Pellice since I’d like to talk a little about the Waldensian temple that rises up here and that has lots of curiosities to reveal! In 1500 the whole population of the country was of Waldensian confession, and it is supposed that the Catholic Church, owned by the municipality, was […]

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4 November 2016

Hello there! Today I am in Podio (in dialect “Puy”), a suburb of Bobbio Pellice, since I want to tell you about a great little piece of history. In 1560 Waldensian communities of southern Italy and southern France had been destroyed because of their faith, and the only Waldenses who had remained alive were those […]

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The barma d’Aout Fairies – Vallone degli Invincibili, Villar Pellice

9 September 2016

Hi there! Today I’m back in high Pellice Valley because I want to take you to a famous place that once used to be the fairies’ home. We are at Barma d’Aout, and under this kind of rock many people found refuge: shepherds, partisans, and, even earlier, the Waldensian rebels that took up arms and […]

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Napoleon Bridge – Bobbio Pellice

1 July 2016

Hello! Today I went back to Bobbio Pellice (Torino) to take you to see a beautiful arch bridge, entirely built of stone, which has perfectly held out here for almost 400 years and which has a very outstanding name: welcome at Napoleon Bridge! We are few steps far from Malpertus, a small village I already […]

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Special – The Waldensian Valleys

18 December 2015

Hi there!!! We are at our last date together for this 2015… Time goes by very fast, doesn’t it?! D’you remember the first time we met in the summer of two years ago? Today I will not take you around for any adventure, but I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the […]

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Malpertus – Bobbio Pellice

4 December 2015

Hello there! Today I’m back in Bobbio Pellice to tell you a legend set in the small village of Malpertus, on the way to the Conca del Pra and just beyond the Cestel, probably named this way because of the handful of houses (“pertus” means hole) that in winter time take very little sun, since […]

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Mirabouc Fort

16 January 2015

Hello, my friends! Today we are back in high Pellice Valley to talk a little about history… In the years 1560-61, maybe because of the freedom achieved with the agreement of Cavour, in the local authorities a belief increased that a new fort should be built in the valley in order to hold out against […]

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