The mill at Vrocchi – Perrero

14 June 2019

Hi! Today we are back in hamlet Vrocchi of Bovile hamlet, in the municipality of Perrero, in order to visit together the mill for cereals that is right here and that used to work till the end of the 19th century. Afterwards it remained in disuse until 1936 when it was restored; in 1945 it […]

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The ancient fiery festivals

14 December 2018

Hello kids! Today I’d like to go back and talk to you about some of the most ancient traditions of the Valleys, those dating back to a period much before struggles for religion, even before Waldensians arrived here… I’d like to back to a time when human beings used to celebrate nature through one of […]

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A chat with Emanuela Genre

27 July 2018

Hello my little friends! Today I’d like to talk to you about a person I met a few time ago; thanks to her I had the chance to visit the municipal mill of Bobbio Pellice and, with her book, I had the possibility to discover the fascinating world of mills. So… Let me please introduce […]

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Fontana del Burro (the Butter’s Fountain) – Angrogna

29 June 2018

Hello my friends! Today we are in a place that is only apparently devoid of stories to tell, but which will help us to go along the discovery of a very precious food for the old valleys: we are at the Fontana del Burro (the Butter’s Fountain) of Angrogna. Butter, apart from being extremely important […]

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The Town Mill of Bobbio Pellice

18 May 2018

Hello dear friends! Today I’m gonna show you many pictures from a very special place, and since I do not want to bore you with too much chit-chat… I really hope to intrigue you enough to make yourself go and visit the Town Mill of Bobbio Pellice! Once mills used to be buildings of great […]

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The “fiarésc” of Angrogna

19 January 2018

Hello! Today we are back in Angrogna (Pellice Valley), ‘cause I really wonder if you know the “fiarèsc” (or “fiareschi”, in Italian)! Probably none of you, or maybe just few, already heard about them, because they are part of that ancient heritage that – unfortunately – we are slowly losing and forgetting… In any case, […]

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How are the Huguenot crosses made? – special

17 February 2017

Hello! First of all let me wish you… happy February 17th! In this occasion I want to submit a special article: since last year we went together to find out how to sew the typical Waldensian dress, be interesting today to talk a little more about Huguenot cross (even if we already did in the […]

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Cooking with Valdesina – Traditional wishes cake with walnuts

6 January 2017

Hello everybody!!! Today I really would like to celebrate with you the last of these feast days cooking a special dessert from Waldensian tradition… Are you ready? So… Let all move to the kitchen! In the past, the traditional wishes cake was prepared during Christmas days by families from Waldensian Valleys and then sent to […]

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Historical Archives of the Tavola Valdese – Torre Pellice

2 December 2016

Hello! …would you guess where I am today? I came to take a look around in the Archives of the Tavola Valdese of Torre Pellice (To); not only are our Valleys full of places rich in history, but I also assure you that all of these old cards are as rich as those places… follow […]

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Waldensian Museum – Torre Pellice

19 June 2016

Hello! Today we are in a very special place for an even more special occasion… A little while ago in Torre Pellice was inaugurated the exhibition “A female heritage: clothes and costumes at the Waldensian Museum among documents and images”, and I want to take you there to discover this fascinating exhibition. The promoters of […]

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