The gypsy woman – Angrogna

17 May 2019

Good morning my little friends! Today I really want to tell you a legend that took place in the Odin hamlet of Angrogna… which is exactly the same hamlet that also hosts the small Beckwith school-museum! It is said that once an old lady inhabitant of the village met a gypsy woman who was wandering […]

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The tawny owl of the Ruà d’Aval – Angrogna

22 March 2019

Hello! Today we are back in Angrogna Valley for a tale of fear… but you have to know that on the book where I read this story it is also reported that people used to tell this story in an amused way… which means that they did not believe that much to the tale! We […]

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Verné – Angrogna

7 September 2018

Hello my friends! Nice to see you back! Today we are in a village that, in ancient times, used to be called “Li Bertini”, ’cause originally several Bertin families used to live here in this area; later on the name was changed due to the many alders (in dialect: “vèrna”) that grow in the area: […]

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Fontana del Burro (the Butter’s Fountain) – Angrogna

29 June 2018

Hello my friends! Today we are in a place that is only apparently devoid of stories to tell, but which will help us to go along the discovery of a very precious food for the old valleys: we are at the Fontana del Burro (the Butter’s Fountain) of Angrogna. Butter, apart from being extremely important […]

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The “fiarésc” of Angrogna

19 January 2018

Hello! Today we are back in Angrogna (Pellice Valley), ‘cause I really wonder if you know the “fiarèsc” (or “fiareschi”, in Italian)! Probably none of you, or maybe just few, already heard about them, because they are part of that ancient heritage that – unfortunately – we are slowly losing and forgetting… In any case, […]

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Legend: the ghost from Rouchas – Angrogna

24 November 2017

Hello! Today we are at Rouchas, a township of Angrogna, ‘cause I want to tell you a non-Waldensian but Catholic legend, which is very well known among the mountainers… therefore in all respects it is part of the valley heritage made of fantastic tales… It is said that there used to be a woman here, […]

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