Verné – Angrogna

7 September 2018

Hello my friends! Nice to see you back! Today we are in a village that, in ancient times, used to be called “Li Bertini”, ’cause originally several Bertin families used to live here in this area; later on the name was changed due to the many alders (in dialect: “vèrna”) that grow in the area: […]

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Waldensian Temple of Chiotti

6 April 2018

Hello! Today, during one of my walks in Chisone Valley, I made a stop at Chiotti of Perrero, in order to visit the Waldensian temple that stands right here. It is one of the most recent religious buildings, since it was built in 1881 (the first stone was laid on August 1st), but this should […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday! Cavour

6 November 2015

Hi there! Today I want to take a little trip out of Waldensian Valleys, but I won’t move too far: together we’ll talk a bit ’bout history, and we’re gonna do it in Cavour! It is a small town in the district of Turin, which used to exist even before the ancient Romans; this village […]

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