Durand-Canton House – Rorà

19 April 2019

Hello! Today I’m bringing you with me back to the town of Rorà, in Pellice Valley, in order to tell you the story of an ancient building (…and of the people who used to live there, of course!): we are today in front of what is known as Durand-Canton House, one of the oldest houses […]

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Letters of Pardon – Pinerolo

2 November 2018

Today I’m in Pinerolo to tell you another piece of the history of Waldensians, a history that in 1655 became an international affair. During the spring of 1655 the Savoy, who ruled on the valleys around Torino, ordered a harsh repression on the Waldensians, who got massacred, obliged to convert and forced to leave their […]

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Waldensian Temple of Chiotti

6 April 2018

Hello! Today, during one of my walks in Chisone Valley, I made a stop at Chiotti of Perrero, in order to visit the Waldensian temple that stands right here. It is one of the most recent religious buildings, since it was built in 1881 (the first stone was laid on August 1st), but this should […]

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The Waldensian temple of Bobbio Pellice

13 October 2017

Hello! Today we are in Bobbio Pellice since I’d like to talk a little about the Waldensian temple that rises up here and that has lots of curiosities to reveal! In 1500 the whole population of the country was of Waldensian confession, and it is supposed that the Catholic Church, owned by the municipality, was […]

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Pra La Gesia – Rorà

18 August 2017

Hi there! Today we are in a very nice field in the township of Rorà, in Pellice Valley; this place is known as Pra La Gesia (“field of the church”), or – as it was called in ancient times – San Nicolao, since right here there used to stand a catholic church (according to others, […]

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The Convent of Villar Pellice

21 July 2017

Hello everybody! Today we are in Villar Pellice, in the central Jervis square, for some local history… Actually, you ought to know that right here there’s a building that could be considered as a symbol of the hostilities between Waldensians and Catholics: the ancient Convent of Villar. In the past, in many places there used […]

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Carlo Alberto Fountain – Torre Pellice

14 April 2017

Hello kids! Today I will not take you too much time, since I really hope this weekend you’re going to have a nice Easter and I wish you’re planning many beautiful family outings choosing between the places we visited together through the years! Today we are in a very central area of Torre Pellice (Turin)… […]

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How are the Huguenot crosses made? – special

17 February 2017

Hello! First of all let me wish you… happy February 17th! In this occasion I want to submit a special article: since last year we went together to find out how to sew the typical Waldensian dress, be interesting today to talk a little more about Huguenot cross (even if we already did in the […]

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The Waldensian Temple of Chabas – Luserna San Giovanni

3 February 2017

Hello! Today, I’m taking you in the municipality of Luserna San Giovanni, at just a few steps from the border with Angrogna, in order to tell you the history of the Waldensian temple that stands here and gives name to the whole township, the Chabas (or Ciabàs)! It’s a peculiar name, isn’t it?! It dates […]

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Cooking with Valdesina – Traditional wishes cake with walnuts

6 January 2017

Hello everybody!!! Today I really would like to celebrate with you the last of these feast days cooking a special dessert from Waldensian tradition… Are you ready? So… Let all move to the kitchen! In the past, the traditional wishes cake was prepared during Christmas days by families from Waldensian Valleys and then sent to […]

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