Carlo Alberto Fountain – Torre Pellice

14 April 2017

Hello kids! Today I will not take you too much time, since I really hope this weekend you’re going to have a nice Easter and I wish you’re planning many beautiful family outings choosing between the places we visited together through the years! Today we are in a very central area of Torre Pellice (Turin)… […]

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How is the Waldensian costume made? – special

12 February 2016

Hi guys, nice to see you again! As you know, in a few days it will be February 17th and, as usual, this year as well in the Waldensian Valleys the anniversary of the granting of civil rights through the Letters Patent, which took place in 1848, will be celebrated. Since I already told you […]

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Temple of Coppieri – Torre Pellice

29 January 2016

Hi guys! Today we are at Coppieri of Torre Pellice, a village upstream of the town center, in order to learn something about the history of the Waldensian temple that stands here. Already in 1594 the Waldensian residents of this area could officiate their worship, since they had agreed with the inhabitants of Torre Pellice […]

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Stallè – Luserna San Giovanni

14 February 2014

Good morning, my friends! Today’s walk is gonna be very special: for the first time since we started our adventures together, we are in a place where… history has yet to happen! Yes, kids… you got it right… Today we are at Stallè hamlet, between the towns of Angrogna and Luserna San Giovanni in Pellice […]

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