Il diavolo al carnevale di Maniglia

1 February 2019

When I see a mask, I always think about the splendours of Carnival: it’s so amusing to get the chance to wear weird style clothes, the crazy colours of an Harlequin or the costume of your favourite hero. But behind a mask you can also conceal your face and your intentions. Behind a disguise you […]

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Legend: the enchanted coins – Massello

7 January 2019

I’ve already told you about some legends related to treasures: some of them have been hidden and found, others have been snatched by foreigners, but the one I’m talking about today has a supernatural and mysterious origin. Near the bridge located at the confluence of the creeks Germanasca di Prali and Germanasca di Massello, in […]

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Legend: The devil and the basket – Val d’Angrogna

16 December 2016

It is said that in ancient times the Angrogna valley had a very different look in comparison to the current and it is also said that the transformation should be ascribed to the direct intervention of the devil! Today, this tight lateral valley of the val Pellice is quite rugged and irregular, and its high […]

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Legend: a dark horse in the hayloft – Massello

21 October 2016

Hi all, I’m back and ready to tell you a new story! The first signs of cold weather are here, and the last shepherds are coming down from the mountains. Well, we’ll go in the opposite direction, back to the mountains of Val Germanasca, to tell you a legend that, I have to admit, scared […]

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Legend: Biâl dâ Diaou – Perrero

2 January 2015

In Germanasca Valley, going towards Massello, you can see an ancient root canal on a rockface on your left. This structure is called biâl dâ Diaou, literally “Devil’s canal”, and this legend explains why. A man had three daughters and, when he had to divide up his goods, the most beautiful of them received the […]

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Legend: the devil and the bundle of wood – Le Turle, Angrogna

20 December 2013

Welcome back, my little friends! Today I’m telling you one of the many stories from these valleys that have the devil as the main character… But don’t be scared, ‘cause in Waldensian legends the devil always makes a fool of himself, just like it happens in the tale I’m about to tell you! We are […]

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Legend: the wolf and the goat – Rorà

11 October 2013

Good morning kids! Today I’m going to tell you a funny story which seems to have happened in Rorà (a small town in Val Pellice) in mid-19th century. It is told that, at the time, the front door of the small Catholic chapel of the village did not close properly, especially when the wind blew. […]

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