The gypsy woman – Angrogna

Good morning my little friends!
Today I really want to tell you a legend that took place in the Odin hamlet of Angrogna… which is exactly the same hamlet that also hosts the small Beckwith school-museum!
It is said that once an old lady inhabitant of the village met a gypsy woman who was wandering across the valleys predicting future to people.
When the old woman approached her, she whispered in her ear: “In the chest where you store the bonnets, you hide a coin of great value!”

The old woman was stunned because she had never told anyone that secret.
Moreover, the gypsy lady continued: “…and in the basement you have a dirt pot full of silver coins… hidden in a dark corner, on the left”.
The old lady was really impressed and immediately wanted to go and check that her little treasure was still there, but the former cold had made it difficult for her to walk and enter the cellar…
She then asked the gypsy woman to go and check in her place, but the woman, before leaving, simply replied that she was not allowed to do so.

Later in the season, when the weather turned good and the pains of the old lady from Odin passed and she was healthy enough to go and retrieve her treasure, there she had a painful surprise: the pot was now filled with dried leaves! The old woman began to curse the witch who had appeared to her under the guise of a gypsy and to damn her misfortune but… alas, this did not bring back her coins!

How to get here:
from the provincial road 161, between the towns of Torre Pellice and Luserna San Giovanni, take the road towards Angrogna at the roundabout (you will also find at this point you can also find road signs to Guieiza d’la Tana, Chabas and Vaccera). Follow the main road up to the main square, then continue for about 1 km and turn right into Odin hamlet.


Do you want to read the tale in Italian ?

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