The legend of Appiotti – Torre Pellice

13 July 2018

Hello my friends! Today we are in a small hamlet called Appiotti, which is currently part of the municipality of Torre Pellice… you have to know that in the 19th century houses used to be under jurisdiction of one municipality rather than another one according to the religious confession of its inhabitants; Waldenses would belong […]

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Historical Archives of the Tavola Valdese – Torre Pellice

2 December 2016

Hello! …would you guess where I am today? I came to take a look around in the Archives of the Tavola Valdese of Torre Pellice (To); not only are our Valleys full of places rich in history, but I also assure you that all of these old cards are as rich as those places… follow […]

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Waldensian Museum – Torre Pellice

19 June 2016

Hello! Today we are in a very special place for an even more special occasion… A little while ago in Torre Pellice was inaugurated the exhibition “A female heritage: clothes and costumes at the Waldensian Museum among documents and images”, and I want to take you there to discover this fascinating exhibition. The promoters of […]

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Forte Santa Maria – Torre Pellice

22 April 2016

Hello! Today I want to take you to a special place, since this place – even though many facts of the past happened here – in fact is not an open site ’cause it is located on a private property; I received permission to go there and now I’ll tell you everything I know about […]

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Temple of Coppieri – Torre Pellice

29 January 2016

Hi guys! Today we are at Coppieri of Torre Pellice, a village upstream of the town center, in order to learn something about the history of the Waldensian temple that stands here. Already in 1594 the Waldensian residents of this area could officiate their worship, since they had agreed with the inhabitants of Torre Pellice […]

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Torre Pellice – Waldesian Quarter

27 August 2014

  Here I am back again, my dear friends! Today we are in the heart of Torre Pellice, in the area known as “Waldensian Quarter”. It is made of some buildings of great historical and cultural interest and importance; all of them are placed near the central Beckwith street: that road was named after the […]

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Santa Margherita – Torre Pellice

21 March 2014

Hello my friends! Today we are in Santa Margherita, a suburb of Torre Pellice, and I want to take you for a very unusual walk in some places round here… So I can tell you about a very ancient (and now lost) habit, which was typical of the Val Pellice and which used to take […]

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Chabriols – Torre Pellice

28 February 2014

Hello! Today we are just beyond the center of Torre Pellice, in a small village called Chabriols; there’s a funny story which took place here that I want to tell you! You have to know that once, in a beautiful meadow in this area, a huge oak had grown. When it came to the cold […]

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Rocchamaneoud – Angrogna

13 September 2013

Welcome back, guys! Today we are in a historic place that was for the Waldensians a fortress of defense in the long age of struggle between 1400 and 1600, thanks to its strategic position: since it is located at the entrance of the valley of Angrogna, it gave the chance to keep the landscape below […]

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