Wolves of Palà – Rorà

22 February 2019

Hello! Today I’d like to tell you an anecdote that I found on an old book from the beginning of 1900. In it, it is told about how, not that long ago in time, it was remembered how in ancient times our valleys used to look wild and about the relationship that human beings had […]

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Giosuè Gianavello’s history and events

16 November 2018

Hello my friends! For some time now we have been following the adventures of Giosuè Gianavello and of his Bandits. Soon we will go back to stories concerning Waldensian Valleys, but today I’d like to make a short summary (and many insights, just follow the green links in the text) of the story of the […]

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Bric di Bandì – Luserna San Giovanni

21 September 2018

Hi all! Today I’m here to tell you some bits of the story of the Waldensian condottiero Giosuè Gianavello. Yes, he’s this guy standing next to me, and he will be my guide today along the steep trails of a place he knows inside out: the Bric di Bandì, literally “mull of the bandits”. Where […]

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A chat with Emanuela Durand

28 April 2017

Hi all! This post is the first in a series of special ones: in these articles I’m not going to take you around our valleys and their stories, but, with the help of a guest, I’m going to tell you something curious about our territory. Today I’m together with the naturalist Emanuela Durand, who’s going […]

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Fucine – Rorà

31 July 2015

Hi! Today I want to recount you another story about masche, witches, and this time we’ll go on the road which reaches Rorà. You must know that during my walks and my chats with elders, who know every single ancient fables, I discovered that every region has a place in which is said that the […]

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Fournais – Rorà

21 November 2014

Hi there! Today we are in Rorà (in Pellice valley), in a place called Fournais (which means “the furnace”); in ancient times, and till late 19th century, lime used to be produced here. That’s why people from Rorà are also called “Brusapère” (“stone burners”), ‘cause most of them used to work in the many kilns […]

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Pian d’la Svirota – Rorà

24 August 2014

Hi guys! Today I want to enter the woods of Rorà, in Pellice Valley, to go and search for a place which name is directly connected to a historical event that seems to have happened here. I really would like to see the place where the bandit Giosuè Gianavello succeeded in cheating the enemy troops with […]

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Waldensian temple – Rorà

13 December 2013

Hi guys! Don’t you want to know where we are today? We are back in Rorà, because we are going to talk about the Waldensian temple. You ought to know that all of Waldensian religious buildings hide some kind of tale, and today I’d like to tell you one that belongs to here. The temple […]

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Tribulet – Luserna San Giovanni

29 November 2013

Hi there! Are you OK? Today we are in the tiny village named Tribulet, upstream the Gianavella (we’ve already been there, d’you remember?), the house which belonged to Giosuè Gianavello and which he used to live in. In these houses, located on the mount known as “The Outlaw’s mount”, Giosuè Gianavello and his mates sometimes […]

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Gianavella – Luserna San Giovanni

27 September 2013

Hi guys! Today we are in a place once called “Liorato” which is very famous thanks to a legendary Waldensian hero: the person we’re going to talk about today is Giosuè Gianavello. Giosuè Gianavello, whose real name was Giosuè Gignous, was born in 1617 into a Waldensian family that moved to Luserna from Bobbio Pellice. […]

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