The sweetheart and the two dogs- Old road for Prali

8 March 2019

The legend I’m telling you today is set in a place where I already took you in my adventures, searching for fantastic stories: the old road for Prali, in Val Germanasca. This time, the story talks about a young man who took a fancy to two beautiful girls who lived in Gardiola hamlet. One was […]

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Legend: the enchanted coins – Massello

7 January 2019

I’ve already told you about some legends related to treasures: some of them have been hidden and found, others have been snatched by foreigners, but the one I’m talking about today has a supernatural and mysterious origin. Near the bridge located at the confluence of the creeks Germanasca di Prali and Germanasca di Massello, in […]

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Letters of Pardon – Pinerolo

2 November 2018

Today I’m in Pinerolo to tell you another piece of the history of Waldensians, a history that in 1655 became an international affair. During the spring of 1655 the Savoy, who ruled on the valleys around Torino, ordered a harsh repression on the Waldensians, who got massacred, obliged to convert and forced to leave their […]

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Bric di Bandì – Luserna San Giovanni

21 September 2018

Hi all! Today I’m here to tell you some bits of the story of the Waldensian condottiero Giosuè Gianavello. Yes, he’s this guy standing next to me, and he will be my guide today along the steep trails of a place he knows inside out: the Bric di Bandì, literally “mull of the bandits”. Where […]

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Appiotti, Torre Pellice

24 August 2018

Hello! Today, as I promised you some time ago, I decided to take you back with me to the Appiotti of Torre Pellice, since I still have something else to tell you! You have to know that this small village really wheted the fantasy of people from the Valley, who have handed down other versions […]

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Legend: Lago dell’Uomo – Prali, Val Germanasca

4 May 2018

Not far from the small town of Prali, in Val Germanasca, you can find the plateau of Tredici Laghi (Thirteen lakes), located at 2.300 meters of altitude. It’s an enchanting place, a wide tableland surrounded by peaks. Here, walking through easy trails, you can reach many small alpine lakes. Once there were 13 tarns, and […]

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Speciale: Costruisci il paper toy del falò

2 February 2018

Today you can leave your trekking shoes in the rack, sit down and make you a good tea, because I’m not bringing you in some places, but I’m sure you’ll have fun anyway. In the February edition of the monthly free press L’Eco delle Valli Valdesi you can find a little surprise: a small paper […]

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Waldensian Temple – Pramollo

31 March 2017

Hi all! Today I want to tell you about the history of the Temple of Pramollo, in Val Chisone. Pramollo is located in a valley between Val d’Angrogna and Val San Martino and its name derives from Pratum molle, because it’s rich of lawns and water sources. During the 16th Century, this valley was the […]

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The Christmas tree

23 December 2016

Today I want to tell you about a guest who every year appears in this period and forces us to rethink the whole home design. It’s green and rich of light and decorations, and often the adults say that they’re making it only for the children’s joy, but actually it’s not true… Have you guessed […]

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Legend: The devil and the basket – Val d’Angrogna

16 December 2016

It is said that in ancient times the Angrogna valley had a very different look in comparison to the current and it is also said that the transformation should be ascribed to the direct intervention of the devil! Today, this tight lateral valley of the val Pellice is quite rugged and irregular, and its high […]

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