About us

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Hi! My name is Valdesina, I’m a doll dressed in the traditional Waldensian costume. Since 2013 I walk through the valleys of Pellice, Chisone and Germanasca to write on this blog all the interesting stories and facts that you can meet and discover in this territory. If you love the mountains, or you are enthusiast about local history or legends, this blog is the right place for you!

My advice is to wear cushy shoes, because when you start to read my adventures, you’re going to want to go and discover by yourself the beautiful places I recount you every two weeks in one of my new adventures!

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The team

Leonora Camusso

“I was born in Prarostino and, since I was a little girl, I’ve always spent most of my days outdoor, between woods and mountains. This might be the reason because my love for nature is evident in my illustrations, that are my other big passion, which now is also my job.
For me, Valdesina is a way to discover and make discover the hidden beauties of Waldensian valleys”.


Jenny Tourn

“I spent my childhood and my teens in Val Pellice, and probably I’ve always took the story and the places for granted. When I left these valleys, I started to experience a bit of nostalgia for these woods and these mountains… This feeling took shape in Valdesina project, a way to meet again stories that thrilled me when I was a child and to discover new ones”.


The blog is a non profit project which is generated by our passion for the places in the Valleys. All the contents in this blog are original and are the product of a lot of work and passion. We are glad if you want to share photos and contents on other platforms, but please, don’t forget to mention the source: valdesina.it (linked to our blog).

We’re open to every kind of collaboration on the territory: if you want to contribute to our project, please write us your idea to info@valdesina.it

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