Durand-Canton House – Rorà

19 April 2019

Hello! Today I’m bringing you with me back to the town of Rorà, in Pellice Valley, in order to tell you the story of an ancient building (…and of the people who used to live there, of course!): we are today in front of what is known as Durand-Canton House, one of the oldest houses […]

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The tawny owl of the Ruà d’Aval – Angrogna

22 March 2019

Hello! Today we are back in Angrogna Valley for a tale of fear… but you have to know that on the book where I read this story it is also reported that people used to tell this story in an amused way… which means that they did not believe that much to the tale! We […]

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Wolves of Palà – Rorà

22 February 2019

Hello! Today I’d like to tell you an anecdote that I found on an old book from the beginning of 1900. In it, it is told about how, not that long ago in time, it was remembered how in ancient times our valleys used to look wild and about the relationship that human beings had […]

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Barma Mondon – Villar Pellice

18 January 2019

Hello! Today I’d like to show you a really curious place that I visited this summer in Pellice Valley: we are in a place called “Barma Mondon” (named after the owner of the land), in the municipality of Villar Pellice, above Bessè township. What’s there to see? First of all such a beautiful landscape! …moreover, […]

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Giosuè Gianavello’s history and events

16 November 2018

Hello my friends! For some time now we have been following the adventures of Giosuè Gianavello and of his Bandits. Soon we will go back to stories concerning Waldensian Valleys, but today I’d like to make a short summary (and many insights, just follow the green links in the text) of the story of the […]

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The Valley of Rorà and its defence in 1655

19 October 2018

At the beginning of 1655, Giosuè Gianavello had taken refuge in Rorà waiting – as everyone – that the continuous visits of the Waldensian shepherds to the Turin authorities would allow to revoke the eviction order. Anyway, nothing was happening. In April, on the contrary, a large army suddenly arrived in Pellice Valley occupying it […]

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Verné – Angrogna

7 September 2018

Hello my friends! Nice to see you back! Today we are in a village that, in ancient times, used to be called “Li Bertini”, ’cause originally several Bertin families used to live here in this area; later on the name was changed due to the many alders (in dialect: “vèrna”) that grow in the area: […]

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Fontana del Burro (the Butter’s Fountain) – Angrogna

29 June 2018

Hello my friends! Today we are in a place that is only apparently devoid of stories to tell, but which will help us to go along the discovery of a very precious food for the old valleys: we are at the Fontana del Burro (the Butter’s Fountain) of Angrogna. Butter, apart from being extremely important […]

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The Town Mill of Bobbio Pellice

18 May 2018

Hello dear friends! Today I’m gonna show you many pictures from a very special place, and since I do not want to bore you with too much chit-chat… I really hope to intrigue you enough to make yourself go and visit the Town Mill of Bobbio Pellice! Once mills used to be buildings of great […]

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Legend: the misterious ointment – Villar Pellice

20 April 2018

Hi guys! Ready for a new story today? A young man used to go and meet up every evening with two sisters, until one winter day they told him that the next evening they would not be home… the boy, intrigued by the girls’ sudden commitment , went secretly to the sisters’ house and spied […]

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