Barma Mondon – Villar Pellice

18 January 2019

Hello! Today I’d like to show you a really curious place that I visited this summer in Pellice Valley: we are in a place called “Barma Mondon” (named after the owner of the land), in the municipality of Villar Pellice, above Bessè township. What’s there to see? First of all such a beautiful landscape! …moreover, […]

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Barma Mounastira – Angrogna

31 January 2014

Hi everybody! Today we are in high Angrogna Valley, and I want to take you to a really special place: today we are at Barma Mounastira (also known as Barma Monastir). First of all, let me explain (to those who don’t know it) what a “barma” is: this term, probably derived from the Ligurian word […]

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