Special: the first inhabitants of the Waldensian Valleys

2 March 2018

Hello! Today I want to take you for a walk more through times rather than through the Valleys, and I would like to tell you about ancient Europe, so much that it dates back to the Neolithic and the Copper Age (from 6500 to 3500 BC), when writing did not exist yet and most metals […]

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The “fiarésc” of Angrogna

19 January 2018

Hello! Today we are back in Angrogna (Pellice Valley), ‘cause I really wonder if you know the “fiarèsc” (or “fiareschi”, in Italian)! Probably none of you, or maybe just few, already heard about them, because they are part of that ancient heritage that – unfortunately – we are slowly losing and forgetting… In any case, […]

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Castrum Hengroniae – Angrogna

15 September 2017

Hi kids! The walk I’d like to suggest today is really going to be an adventure ’cause we will try together to find a missing place (…that maybe never even existed)! The Castrum Hengroniae, which is a Latin name meaning “Angrogna Castle”, is a mysterious building destroyed in 1332, where an inquisitor (a person who […]

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The Convent of Villar Pellice

21 July 2017

Hello everybody! Today we are in Villar Pellice, in the central Jervis square, for some local history… Actually, you ought to know that right here there’s a building that could be considered as a symbol of the hostilities between Waldensians and Catholics: the ancient Convent of Villar. In the past, in many places there used […]

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Cooking with Valdesina – Traditional wishes cake with walnuts

6 January 2017

Hello everybody!!! Today I really would like to celebrate with you the last of these feast days cooking a special dessert from Waldensian tradition… Are you ready? So… Let all move to the kitchen! In the past, the traditional wishes cake was prepared during Christmas days by families from Waldensian Valleys and then sent to […]

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Historical Archives of the Tavola Valdese – Torre Pellice

2 December 2016

Hello! …would you guess where I am today? I came to take a look around in the Archives of the Tavola Valdese of Torre Pellice (To); not only are our Valleys full of places rich in history, but I also assure you that all of these old cards are as rich as those places… follow […]

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Salita al Castello – Bricherasio

29 July 2016

Hello! It’s been a while since when I visited the lakes which water from Bealera Peyrota is collected in… but finally I’m back in Bricherasio! Today we’re not going to visit a historical place connected to Waldensian history, but I think you will find astonishing the fact that we are on the Stairs to a […]

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Forte Santa Maria – Torre Pellice

22 April 2016

Hello! Today I want to take you to a special place, since this place – even though many facts of the past happened here – in fact is not an open site ’cause it is located on a private property; I received permission to go there and now I’ll tell you everything I know about […]

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San Germano Chisone – Peira Eicrita

11 March 2016

Hi! Today I’d like to bring you with me for a journey into history, but we have to go far, far away in time. Are you ready? The destination of our walk are the woods above San Germano Chisone, in Chisone valley, where we’ll search the Peira Eicrita, which in Occitan means “Written Stone”. This […]

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Mirabouc Fort

16 January 2015

Hello, my friends! Today we are back in high Pellice Valley to talk a little about history… In the years 1560-61, maybe because of the freedom achieved with the agreement of Cavour, in the local authorities a belief increased that a new fort should be built in the valley in order to hold out against […]

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