Barma Mondon – Villar Pellice

18 January 2019

Hello! Today I’d like to show you a really curious place that I visited this summer in Pellice Valley: we are in a place called “Barma Mondon” (named after the owner of the land), in the municipality of Villar Pellice, above Bessè township. What’s there to see? First of all such a beautiful landscape! …moreover, […]

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The ancient fiery festivals

14 December 2018

Hello kids! Today I’d like to go back and talk to you about some of the most ancient traditions of the Valleys, those dating back to a period much before struggles for religion, even before Waldensians arrived here… I’d like to back to a time when human beings used to celebrate nature through one of […]

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Special: the first inhabitants of the Waldensian Valleys

2 March 2018

Hello! Today I want to take you for a walk more through times rather than through the Valleys, and I would like to tell you about ancient Europe, so much that it dates back to the Neolithic and the Copper Age (from 6500 to 3500 BC), when writing did not exist yet and most metals […]

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San Germano Chisone – Peira Eicrita

11 March 2016

Hi! Today I’d like to bring you with me for a journey into history, but we have to go far, far away in time. Are you ready? The destination of our walk are the woods above San Germano Chisone, in Chisone valley, where we’ll search the Peira Eicrita, which in Occitan means “Written Stone”. This […]

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