San Germano Chisone – Peira Eicrita

11 March 2016

Hi! Today I’d like to bring you with me for a journey into history, but we have to go far, far away in time. Are you ready? The destination of our walk are the woods above San Germano Chisone, in Chisone valley, where we’ll search the Peira Eicrita, which in Occitan means “Written Stone”. This […]

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Legend: I “babi” – San Germano Chisone

10 April 2015

Hi! Today I’m going to tell you why the inhabitants of San Germano Chisone, a small town in Val Chisone, are named “babi”, which means “toad”. You know, I’m familiar with a lot of legends, and precisely a legend explains the origin of this nickname. It’s told that in Pomeano, in the district of Pramollo, […]

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