Waldensian Temple of Chiotti

6 April 2018

Hello! Today, during one of my walks in Chisone Valley, I made a stop at Chiotti of Perrero, in order to visit the Waldensian temple that stands right here. It is one of the most recent religious buildings, since it was built in 1881 (the first stone was laid on August 1st), but this should […]

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The Waldensian temple of Bobbio Pellice

13 October 2017

Hello! Today we are in Bobbio Pellice since I’d like to talk a little about the Waldensian temple that rises up here and that has lots of curiosities to reveal! In 1500 the whole population of the country was of Waldensian confession, and it is supposed that the Catholic Church, owned by the municipality, was […]

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Waldensian Temple – Pramollo

31 March 2017

Hi all! Today I want to tell you about the history of the Temple of Pramollo, in Val Chisone. Pramollo is located in a valley between Val d’Angrogna and Val San Martino and its name derives from Pratum molle, because it’s rich of lawns and water sources. During the 16th Century, this valley was the […]

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The Waldensian Temple of Chabas – Luserna San Giovanni

3 February 2017

Hello! Today, I’m taking you in the municipality of Luserna San Giovanni, at just a few steps from the border with Angrogna, in order to tell you the history of the Waldensian temple that stands here and gives name to the whole township, the Chabas (or Ciabàs)! It’s a peculiar name, isn’t it?! It dates […]

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Perrero – Villasecca temple

15 July 2016

Hi all! Today I’m going to tell you an interesting story: we’ll talk about the temple of Villasecca in Perrero, in Val San Martino. At the beginning of their history, the Waldensians of this valley had to face many difficulties. In the middle of the 16th century the local feudal lords, the brothers Carlo and […]

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Temple of Coppieri – Torre Pellice

29 January 2016

Hi guys! Today we are at Coppieri of Torre Pellice, a village upstream of the town center, in order to learn something about the history of the Waldensian temple that stands here. Already in 1594 the Waldensian residents of this area could officiate their worship, since they had agreed with the inhabitants of Torre Pellice […]

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Angrogna administrative centre temple

25 September 2015

Hi! Today I am in Angrogna (in Torino province) to tell you something about the Waldesian temple which rises up in the middle of the town. As you can see, the name of the temple is traditionally “he one of the centre”, to distinguish from another Waldesian religious building located in the same town, and, […]

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The Waldensian church in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – Turin

19 June 2015

Hello! Today I had a trip out of my Valleys and I came to Turin, capital city of Piedmont… and necessarily linked to the events of Waldensian people! Right here, in fact, Savoy family used to live… and for a long time they opposed Waldenses and tried to eliminate them from their territories, since they […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday! Rome – Cavour Square

4 April 2014

Hello! You know what?! Today I allowed myself a little vacation! I took my suitcase, I got on the train and I reached the capital city of Italy, Rome! More precisely, I came to visit the Waldensian temple of Cavour Square… just because this year occurs its centenary, as it was inaugurated on February 8th, […]

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The temple of Roccapiatta – Prarostino

27 December 2013

Hi guys! Today we’re going to talk about the origins of the Waldesian temple of Roccapiatta, which has been built in the 16th century near to Rostagni hamlet. And about the establishing place I’d like to recount you a funny story… In 1561, after many years of resistance to the persecutions, Waldesians had a truce […]

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