Valdesina goes on holiday! Cavour

6 November 2015

Hi there! Today I want to take a little trip out of Waldensian Valleys, but I won’t move too far: together we’ll talk a bit ’bout history, and we’re gonna do it in Cavour! It is a small town in the district of Turin, which used to exist even before the ancient Romans; this village […]

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The temple of Roccapiatta – Prarostino

27 December 2013

Hi guys! Today we’re going to talk about the origins of the Waldesian temple of Roccapiatta, which has been built in the 16th century near to Rostagni hamlet. And about the establishing place I’d like to recount you a funny story… In 1561, after many years of resistance to the persecutions, Waldesians had a truce […]

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