Legend: the fairy and the bad advice – Malconsej lake, Bobbio Pellice

16 February 2018

When I started my journey walking to the Pra basin the sun was shining, but during the ascension to Pian Sineive the sky got cloudier. When I took the path on the left, just after the memorial stone which remembers a plane crash occurred in 1957, haze started to rise, and I had to put […]

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Legend: Malmatin – Alpe Infernet, Angrogna

12 May 2017

Dear friends, when I went looking for the Malmatin pasture, near Alpe Infernet, in Angrogna valley, I started my journey from Vaccera hamlet under a bright sun. Then, I easily walked on the unpaved road that takes you to the houses of Crëvlira. After this hamlet, I continued on the nice mule track until I […]

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The Pra Seuli lynxes – Angrogna

17 March 2017

Hi! In the story I’m telling you today the protagonists are two men that have to face hungry, long-teethed and sharp-clawed enemies. It’s told that during a nice summer day in Val Pellice two men were making hay in Pra Seuli, between Peiroun and Crëvlira. They worked all day making a huge haystack, then, when […]

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Legend: The devil and the basket – Val d’Angrogna

16 December 2016

It is said that in ancient times the Angrogna valley had a very different look in comparison to the current and it is also said that the transformation should be ascribed to the direct intervention of the devil! Today, this tight lateral valley of the val Pellice is quite rugged and irregular, and its high […]

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Salita al Castello – Bricherasio

29 July 2016

Hello! It’s been a while since when I visited the lakes which water from Bealera Peyrota is collected in… but finally I’m back in Bricherasio! Today we’re not going to visit a historical place connected to Waldensian history, but I think you will find astonishing the fact that we are on the Stairs to a […]

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Fucine – Rorà

31 July 2015

Hi! Today I want to recount you another story about masche, witches, and this time we’ll go on the road which reaches Rorà. You must know that during my walks and my chats with elders, who know every single ancient fables, I discovered that every region has a place in which is said that the […]

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The Rocciaglie – Angrogna

17 July 2015

Hi there! Today we are back in high Valley of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, ‘cause I really want to show you this wonderful mountain landscape. We are at Rocciaglie, a barricade of rocks rising from the river Angrogna up to the Turle, which represented in the past a barricade for Waldensian people who were trying […]

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Fournais – Rorà

21 November 2014

Hi there! Today we are in Rorà (in Pellice valley), in a place called Fournais (which means “the furnace”); in ancient times, and till late 19th century, lime used to be produced here. That’s why people from Rorà are also called “Brusapère” (“stone burners”), ‘cause most of them used to work in the many kilns […]

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Rouchalha – Angrogna

10 October 2014

Hello! Today we are in Angrogna, in the Rouchalha hamlet, and we’re here for a tale about fairies… A family of fairies had settled here, to live in these rocks and graze their livestock at night. They were quite shy and when they had to deal with humans they used to dress up as old […]

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Peyrot, Bealera Peyrota – Luserna San Giovanni

28 August 2014

Hi there! After a while, I’d like to take you again on the banks of the Bealera Peyrota in order to go deep into its history and, of course, into history of people from Pellice Valley. After flowing through the villages of Giovo and Chabas, the Bealera (which is – let me refresh your memory […]

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