Waldensian Temple of Chiotti

6 April 2018

Hello! Today, during one of my walks in Chisone Valley, I made a stop at Chiotti of Perrero, in order to visit the Waldensian temple that stands right here. It is one of the most recent religious buildings, since it was built in 1881 (the first stone was laid on August 1st), but this should […]

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How are the Huguenot crosses made? – special

17 February 2017

Hello! First of all let me wish you… happy February 17th! In this occasion I want to submit a special article: since last year we went together to find out how to sew the typical Waldensian dress, be interesting today to talk a little more about Huguenot cross (even if we already did in the […]

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Historical Archives of the Tavola Valdese – Torre Pellice

2 December 2016

Hello! …would you guess where I am today? I came to take a look around in the Archives of the Tavola Valdese of Torre Pellice (To); not only are our Valleys full of places rich in history, but I also assure you that all of these old cards are as rich as those places… follow […]

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The Waldensian church in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – Turin

19 June 2015

Hello! Today I had a trip out of my Valleys and I came to Turin, capital city of Piedmont… and necessarily linked to the events of Waldensian people! Right here, in fact, Savoy family used to live… and for a long time they opposed Waldenses and tried to eliminate them from their territories, since they […]

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Peyrot, Bealera Peyrota – Luserna San Giovanni

28 August 2014

Hi there! After a while, I’d like to take you again on the banks of the Bealera Peyrota in order to go deep into its history and, of course, into history of people from Pellice Valley. After flowing through the villages of Giovo and Chabas, the Bealera (which is – let me refresh your memory […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday! Rome – Cavour Square

4 April 2014

Hello! You know what?! Today I allowed myself a little vacation! I took my suitcase, I got on the train and I reached the capital city of Italy, Rome! More precisely, I came to visit the Waldensian temple of Cavour Square… just because this year occurs its centenary, as it was inaugurated on February 8th, […]

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Lou Couént – Angrogna

28 March 2014

Hi there! Today we are in a beautiful panoramic area overlooking the village of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, which is known as “lou Couént ” (i.e.: “the Convent”) . This place got its name from an old building that once stood here (and that is now completely destroyed), which used to host the monks involved […]

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The temple of Pradeltorno – Angrogna

21 February 2014

Hi guys! Today we are back in Angrogna Valley, more precisely in Pradeltorno, an important site of Waldensian history. I’m gonna tell you the history of its temple, which was built in 1876, and which is located on the rock that gives its name to the village, overlooking the town from above. …actually, have you […]

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Stallè – Luserna San Giovanni

14 February 2014

Good morning, my friends! Today’s walk is gonna be very special: for the first time since we started our adventures together, we are in a place where… history has yet to happen! Yes, kids… you got it right… Today we are at Stallè hamlet, between the towns of Angrogna and Luserna San Giovanni in Pellice […]

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