The gypsy woman – Angrogna

17 May 2019

Good morning my little friends! Today I really want to tell you a legend that took place in the Odin hamlet of Angrogna… which is exactly the same hamlet that also hosts the small Beckwith school-museum! It is said that once an old lady inhabitant of the village met a gypsy woman who was wandering […]

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Legend: the enchanted coins – Massello

7 January 2019

I’ve already told you about some legends related to treasures: some of them have been hidden and found, others have been snatched by foreigners, but the one I’m talking about today has a supernatural and mysterious origin. Near the bridge located at the confluence of the creeks Germanasca di Prali and Germanasca di Massello, in […]

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The legend of Appiotti – Torre Pellice

13 July 2018

Hello my friends! Today we are in a small hamlet called Appiotti, which is currently part of the municipality of Torre Pellice… you have to know that in the 19th century houses used to be under jurisdiction of one municipality rather than another one according to the religious confession of its inhabitants; Waldenses would belong […]

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Roca Ghiesa, legend – Prarostino

27 February 2015

Today I want to recount you a legend set in Prarostino, in the forest near Roca Gheisa. We already talked about this place, which is connected to many historical facts. People tell that a day, in these thick and precipitous woods, a peasant saw a man, dressed in an unbelievably way, that was climbing the […]

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Boursela forest – Prarostino

12 September 2014

Hey guys! I’m back here to tell you a story about a hidden treasure. Today I went to Prarostino, in the woods near the Lioudera hamlet, where a legend (that all of the children who live round there know) takes place. Near this village, just below the cemetery of San Bartolomeo, there is a wooded […]

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Legend: The treasure of Pradeltorno – Angrogna

25 August 2014

  Hello everybody! Nice to see you again! Today we are back in Pradeltorno, in the municipality of Angrogna (Turin), ‘cause this village is famous not only for its peculiar Waldensian temple and for the school of “Barba” (of medieval orgin), but also due to some famous legends about an extraordinary treasure hidden right here. […]

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