Boursela forest – Prarostino

Hey guys!
I’m back here to tell you a story about a hidden treasure.
Today I went to Prarostino, in the woods near the Lioudera hamlet, where a legend (that all of the children who live round there know) takes place. Near this village, just below the cemetery of San Bartolomeo, there is a wooded slope called “the Boursela forest”. It is said that a big bag full of silver and gold coins is hidden there, under a stack of stones… It is also said that this bag was abandoned by Waldensians during persecutions.

The Boursela forest
The Boursela forest

At the time of our legend inhabitants of the villages near the Boursela forest used to see every night strange fires and glows appearing through the trees. No one ever had the courage to go there and check what it was going on, but all of the people were sure about the cause of those mysterious phenomena: they were the “mascoun” (witch-doctors) dancing around the treasure!

...maybe the treasure is hidden between these woods!
…maybe the treasure is hidden between these woods!

One day a stranger came asking about the woods near Lioudera. The man was looking for the famous treasure and he did not fear the witch-doctors that were its guardians. He searched everywhere in the trees for days and days, but he found nothing. Tired and frustrated, he moved back where he came from.

Can you see those roofs in the middle of the woods? That's the Lioudera township
Can you see those roofs in the middle of the woods? That’s the Lioudera township

His visit, however, led to a result. Since that day in the woods nobody saw anymore the sorcerers’ fires. Locals say that they stopped dancing near the hiding place of the bag in order to avoid attracting again the attention of some brave humans… Well, I tried to take a look here and there…  even the shadow of precious coins! If you’re luckier than me… drop me a line!

The sun is going down... we'd better get back before meeting some sorcerers!
The sun is going down… we’d better get back before meeting some sorcerers!

How to get here:
From Pinerolo go towards San Secondo then follow the signs to Prarostino. Take Costagallina st., then go along Rocco st. and then along Ruata st. Just before San Bartolomeo you will see, on your left, a road going down towards the Lioudera village. The Boursela forest is located below the cemetery of San Bartolomeo on the side of the valley towards Massera street.


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