The barma d’Aout Fairies – Vallone degli Invincibili, Villar Pellice

9 September 2016

Hi there! Today I’m back in high Pellice Valley because I want to take you to a famous place that once used to be the fairies’ home. We are at Barma d’Aout, and under this kind of rock many people found refuge: shepherds, partisans, and, even earlier, the Waldensian rebels that took up arms and […]

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Forte Santa Maria – Torre Pellice

22 April 2016

Hello! Today I want to take you to a special place, since this place – even though many facts of the past happened here – in fact is not an open site ’cause it is located on a private property; I received permission to go there and now I’ll tell you everything I know about […]

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Legend: the savage of the Guichard – Comba dei Carbonieri

8 April 2016

Hi there! The legend I’m going to tell you today is set in Guichard valley, a secondary combe in Pellice valley, ascending to Bobbio Pellice, today known as Carbonier valley. Rumour has it that once upon a time, in the middle of the Berna wood, in Guichard valley, lived a sort of hermit, short and […]

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How is the Waldensian costume made? – special

12 February 2016

Hi guys, nice to see you again! As you know, in a few days it will be February 17th and, as usual, this year as well in the Waldensian Valleys the anniversary of the granting of civil rights through the Letters Patent, which took place in 1848, will be celebrated. Since I already told you […]

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Tuna Griotta – Pramollo

20 November 2015

Hi! Today I want to bring you in a beautiful place, scenic and adventurous. We’ll have to walk a bit on mountain trails, so remember to take with you a snack and you favourite trekking shoes! Departing from Ribetti hamlet in Pramollo you’ll find the directions, that in no more than half an hour will […]

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Angrogna administrative centre temple

25 September 2015

Hi! Today I am in Angrogna (in Torino province) to tell you something about the Waldesian temple which rises up in the middle of the town. As you can see, the name of the temple is traditionally “he one of the centre”, to distinguish from another Waldesian religious building located in the same town, and, […]

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Dubbione, Pinasca – Fontana dell’Orsa

3 July 2015

Today I want to go with you in Val Chisone, more precisely in the village of Dubbione, in Pinasca. Near to the hamlet there’s a pretty fountain from which fresh water gushes. During the day, a lot of people stops here to fill bottles with this delicious water. This fountain is popular as Fontana dell’Orsa […]

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The Valleys bestiary: dahu

27 March 2015

Hi! With this post I want to launch a series of articles dedicated to the legendary creatures which populate Waldesian Valleys. Today I’m going to describe you the most famous: the dahu! It is said that this animal looks a little bit like a goat with long horns but also fitted with long fangs. Despite […]

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Postcards for Valdesina: Forano

13 March 2015

Hi! Look at these beautiful postcards I found today in my mailbox… A friend of mine sent them to me from Forano, a small town with more or less three-thousand inhabitants, located in Lazio, near Rieti. In this country there is a small Waldensian church founded by Luigi Angelini, former assistant priest of the country […]

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Roca Ghiesa, legend – Prarostino

27 February 2015

Today I want to recount you a legend set in Prarostino, in the forest near Roca Gheisa. We already talked about this place, which is connected to many historical facts. People tell that a day, in these thick and precipitous woods, a peasant saw a man, dressed in an unbelievably way, that was climbing the […]

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