Postcards for Valdesina: Forano

Look at these beautiful postcards I found today in my mailbox… A friend of mine sent them to me from Forano, a small town with more or less three-thousand inhabitants, located in Lazio, near Rieti.


In this country there is a small Waldensian church founded by Luigi Angelini, former assistant priest of the country that, after a personal crisis and after marrying Arabella Chapmann (coming from the United States), began, in 1889, the construction of the building you can see in the picture.
Angelini also started schools and made teachers come directly from the Waldensian Valleys, allowing children of the country, both Catholics and Protestants, to attend primary school.


Luigi Angelini died in 1919, but his wife Arabella kept on helping many people from Forano, especially during the war.
Nowadays Waldensians from Forano (and from surrounding hamlets) are about a hundred, and they represent one of the many small – but important, of course! – evangelical communities scattered throughout Italy.

Just let me take this opportunity to thank my Valdesina friend, and also Angelita that helped her in reaching the opening of the mailbox to mail the postcard (you know, we Valdesinas are not that tall… 😉 ): many thanks to both of you!
If you also want to send me your postcard, just follow some simple instructions, right here… cannot wait to show them to anyone!

Do you want to read the tale in Italian ?

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