The Rocciaglie – Angrogna

17 July 2015

Hi there! Today we are back in high Valley of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, ‘cause I really want to show you this wonderful mountain landscape. We are at Rocciaglie, a barricade of rocks rising from the river Angrogna up to the Turle, which represented in the past a barricade for Waldensian people who were trying […]

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Torre Pellice – Waldesian Quarter

27 August 2014

  Here I am back again, my dear friends! Today we are in the heart of Torre Pellice, in the area known as “Waldensian Quarter”. It is made of some buildings of great historical and cultural interest and importance; all of them are placed near the central Beckwith street: that road was named after the […]

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Waldensian temple – Rorà

13 December 2013

Hi guys! Don’t you want to know where we are today? We are back in Rorà, because we are going to talk about the Waldensian temple. You ought to know that all of Waldensian religious buildings hide some kind of tale, and today I’d like to tell you one that belongs to here. The temple […]

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The Beckwith fountain – Angrogna, Martel

1 November 2013

Hello kids! Today we are about to visit a very special fountain… it is located at Martel, a hamlet of Angrogna village. The fountain you see in the picture has always gushed fresh and clear water. Even in periods of hard drought, like it happened – for example – in mid-nineteenth century, this fountain still […]

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Odin-Bertot School – Angrogna

30 August 2013

Hello my dear friends, nice to see you again! Today we are in a very special place… I’m sure you will immediately guess where we are… that’s right, guys: let’s go to school! This is “Odin-Bertot” School; it is located on the borderline between the two suburbs that give their name to the school (Odin […]

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Chanforan – Angrogna

29 August 2013

Hello dear! Today we are visiting a site that has great historical importance to the Waldensians: Chanforan. Although nowadays we can only see the stone monument, we have to pay particular attention to the ground the monument leans on. When a group of “barba” met together here for an important meeting in 1532 ‘cause they […]

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