Valdesina exibition: the photoreport

19 August 2016

Monday 15 August, during the annual celebrations of the Waldensian churches of the 1st District that took place in Rorà, in Val Pellice, a temporary exhibition has been issued for the three years of my blog. You can’t even imagine how I was excited: me, Valdesina, as the protagonist of an exhibition! There have been […]

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Temple of Coppieri – Torre Pellice

29 January 2016

Hi guys! Today we are at Coppieri of Torre Pellice, a village upstream of the town center, in order to learn something about the history of the Waldensian temple that stands here. Already in 1594 the Waldensian residents of this area could officiate their worship, since they had agreed with the inhabitants of Torre Pellice […]

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Temples – Prali

23 October 2015

Hello everybody! Today I want to tell you about two temples: the first one is very modern, while the other one is ancient and with long and interesting history. When you get to the square of Prali, in Germanasca Valley, you can immediately see a temple with a large stone façade: that’s the place of […]

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Angrogna administrative centre temple

25 September 2015

Hi! Today I am in Angrogna (in Torino province) to tell you something about the Waldesian temple which rises up in the middle of the town. As you can see, the name of the temple is traditionally “he one of the centre”, to distinguish from another Waldesian religious building located in the same town, and, […]

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Torre Pellice – Waldesian Quarter

27 August 2014

  Here I am back again, my dear friends! Today we are in the heart of Torre Pellice, in the area known as “Waldensian Quarter”. It is made of some buildings of great historical and cultural interest and importance; all of them are placed near the central Beckwith street: that road was named after the […]

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