The mill at Vrocchi – Perrero

14 June 2019

Hi! Today we are back in hamlet Vrocchi of Bovile hamlet, in the municipality of Perrero, in order to visit together the mill for cereals that is right here and that used to work till the end of the 19th century. Afterwards it remained in disuse until 1936 when it was restored; in 1945 it […]

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Legend: the brazier – Pianoro del Pis – Massello

13 January 2017

The legend I’m telling you today talks about magical powers and teaches us to not underestimate its own opponent. A long time ago there was a brazier, a man who performed the ancient work of crafting pots, was walking towards the houses of the shepherds of the Pis, in the territory of Massello, in Val […]

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Balziglia – Massello

26 August 2016

Hello kids, how are you? Welcome back! Today is August 26th, a very important date in Waldensian history, since today (327 years ago!) a group of brave people from the valleys moved from Switzerland, where they had been exiled, to try to turn back to their places and homelands that they had been forced to […]

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Perrero – Villasecca temple

15 July 2016

Hi all! Today I’m going to tell you an interesting story: we’ll talk about the temple of Villasecca in Perrero, in Val San Martino. At the beginning of their history, the Waldensians of this valley had to face many difficulties. In the middle of the 16th century the local feudal lords, the brothers Carlo and […]

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Legend: Roccho eiclapâ – Prali

26 February 2016

Hi all! I hope that te story I’m telling you today can get a smile out of you. Going towards Prali on the current road, you’ll meet, near to the Rodoretto and Fontane fork, a descending path. If you take it you’ll be on an unpaved road: the ancient way to Prali. A a bit […]

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Special – The Waldensian Valleys

18 December 2015

Hi there!!! We are at our last date together for this 2015… Time goes by very fast, doesn’t it?! D’you remember the first time we met in the summer of two years ago? Today I will not take you around for any adventure, but I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the […]

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Temples – Prali

23 October 2015

Hello everybody! Today I want to tell you about two temples: the first one is very modern, while the other one is ancient and with long and interesting history. When you get to the square of Prali, in Germanasca Valley, you can immediately see a temple with a large stone façade: that’s the place of […]

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