Legend: The black kitten – Nido dell’Orso, Prali

30 November 2018

Today I’m recounting you a legend, set in Val Germanasca, talking about fairies, magic and metamorphosis. I’m taking you at Nido dell’Orso (The Bear’s Nest), a small group of houses located at 1.650m of altitude, over the Indritti hamlet in Prali. It’s told that once here lived a family with two daughters who had opposite […]

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Legend: the fairy and the bad advice – Malconsej lake, Bobbio Pellice

16 February 2018

When I started my journey walking to the Pra basin the sun was shining, but during the ascension to Pian Sineive the sky got cloudier. When I took the path on the left, just after the memorial stone which remembers a plane crash occurred in 1957, haze started to rise, and I had to put […]

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Castrum Hengroniae – Angrogna

15 September 2017

Hi kids! The walk I’d like to suggest today is really going to be an adventure ’cause we will try together to find a missing place (…that maybe never even existed)! The Castrum Hengroniae, which is a Latin name meaning “Angrogna Castle”, is a mysterious building destroyed in 1332, where an inquisitor (a person who […]

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Carlo Alberto Fountain – Torre Pellice

14 April 2017

Hello kids! Today I will not take you too much time, since I really hope this weekend you’re going to have a nice Easter and I wish you’re planning many beautiful family outings choosing between the places we visited together through the years! Today we are in a very central area of Torre Pellice (Turin)… […]

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The Pra Seuli lynxes – Angrogna

17 March 2017

Hi! In the story I’m telling you today the protagonists are two men that have to face hungry, long-teethed and sharp-clawed enemies. It’s told that during a nice summer day in Val Pellice two men were making hay in Pra Seuli, between Peiroun and Crëvlira. They worked all day making a huge haystack, then, when […]

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The Christmas tree

23 December 2016

Today I want to tell you about a guest who every year appears in this period and forces us to rethink the whole home design. It’s green and rich of light and decorations, and often the adults say that they’re making it only for the children’s joy, but actually it’s not true… Have you guessed […]

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