Carlo Alberto Fountain – Torre Pellice

Hello kids!
Today I will not take you too much time, since I really hope this weekend you’re going to have a nice Easter and I wish you’re planning many beautiful family outings choosing between the places we visited together through the years!
Today we are in a very central area of Torre Pellice (Turin)…
On September 24th, 1844 Carlo Alberto came here for a visit and in order to inaugurate the new parish church of St. Martin, which was built in the hope of converting the population to the Catholic faith.

For that occasion people also decided to build a new bridge made of stone at the entrance of the village, ’cause the older one was made of wood and every year the river Angrogna would wipe it out during the floods.
Although he had arrived in Torre Pellice for the inauguration of a Catholic building, Torre Pellice people’s welcome was so passionate that, before leaving, Carlo Alberto decided to donate a fountain as a sign of gratitude.

At that time (the fountain was built in 1845) water was such a precious good that a gift like a fountain was really priceless (just like Bequì fountain in Angrogna dedicated to Charles Beckwith’s daughter).
…was that the sign of a new mood of tolerance that a few years later would take to the Patent Letters?
On the fountain there’s not a clear reference to Waldensian people, but we imagine that it was dedicated especially to them, since – at that time – the majority of the population professed that confession!

How to get here:
reach Torre Pellice moving along Provincial Road 161; just before the village and crossed the bridge over the creek Angrogna, on your right you will find St. Martin square with the church of the same name. In the small park that is close to the church you’ll find the Fountain of Carlo Alberto.

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