Legend: the fairy and the bad advice – Malconsej lake, Bobbio Pellice

16 February 2018

When I started my journey walking to the Pra basin the sun was shining, but during the ascension to Pian Sineive the sky got cloudier. When I took the path on the left, just after the memorial stone which remembers a plane crash occurred in 1957, haze started to rise, and I had to put […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday: Prangins

7 October 2016

Hello my little friends! I gave myself a little vacation in Switzerland ‘cause I want to take you to a very interesting place: we are in Prangins and right from here, on the night between 16th and 17th August 1689, after a three-years exile, Waldenses left to turn back to their Valleys… here is where […]

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The Laux Lake – Usseaux

6 May 2016

Hi guys, nice to see you again! Today we are in a village in the municipality of Usseaux (high Val Chisone) called Laux ‘cause I want to tell you about the strange legend relating to the birth of the small lake located near the village. D’you want to hear it? It seems that once, in […]

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Legend: the lake of Pra – Bobbio Pellice

29 August 2014

Hello! Today we are in high Pellice Valley, and more precisely at the Wide Valley of Pra (Conca del Pra), in the town of Bobbio Pellice: right here the most famous legend of the whole valley took place. Click play to listen to the song of the fairy of the Pra! It is said that […]

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