The Laux Lake – Usseaux

Hi guys, nice to see you again!
Today we are in a village in the municipality of Usseaux (high Val Chisone)
called Laux ‘cause I want to tell you about the strange legend relating to the

birth of the small lake located near the village. D’you want to hear it?

Here I am at Laux Lake!
It seems that once, in the same place where nowadays you can see the lake,
there was a field. The owner of this field was a hard worker, and he used to
spend all of his days ploughing, hoeing, sowing it…
On a Sunday morning, even though the bells of the church were ringing to call

the faithful to Mass, he kept on working in his field.

We are 1300 meters high and there’s still ice on the water!
Some people passing by called him, since they thought the man had not
realized it was time for the Mass. The farmer, disappointed, said he had no time
to go to the function and that he would continue ploughing his field even if it
had sunk.
The villagers went on disapproving the man’s behavior, but actually there was

nothing they could do about it.

Who knows whether the farmer used to live over there or not?!
…and as they were coming back from the Mass they discovered that
meanwhile the field had completely vanished, as well as the man and his plow:
in place of the field there was just a body of water!
Some say that if you climb to the top of the Rock of the Lake (the rock face that
falls plunging into the water) and you look down, you can still see on the

bottom of the lake the plow of the farmer…

Behind me you can see the Rock of the Lake, but what a fog! I’d better not go there!
How to get here:
from Pinerolo reach  Val Chisone going along Strada Statale 23 of Colle di Sestriere. Once you are over Fenestrelle, after about 3 Km you will find on your left the street that takes to Laux: take this road and in 900 meters you’ll be on the banks of the lake. 

Do you want to read the tale in Italian ?

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