Legend: A bad encounter in the dark – Coulmian meadows, Massello

5 January 2018

Today I’m telling you about a legend set at altitude. We are near the Coulmian meadows, in the territory of Massello, in Val Germanasca, where it’s possible to breathe a pleasantly crisp air even during Summer. I recently discovered this pasture walking on the beautiful Arturo Genre path, a ring-shaped trail which, starting from Maniglia […]

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The Pra Seuli lynxes – Angrogna

17 March 2017

Hi! In the story I’m telling you today the protagonists are two men that have to face hungry, long-teethed and sharp-clawed enemies. It’s told that during a nice summer day in Val Pellice two men were making hay in Pra Seuli, between Peiroun and Crëvlira. They worked all day making a huge haystack, then, when […]

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