4 November 2016

Hello there! Today I am in Podio (in dialect “Puy”), a suburb of Bobbio Pellice, since I want to tell you about a great little piece of history. In 1560 Waldensian communities of southern Italy and southern France had been destroyed because of their faith, and the only Waldenses who had remained alive were those […]

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The Rocciaglie – Angrogna

17 July 2015

Hi there! Today we are back in high Valley of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, ‘cause I really want to show you this wonderful mountain landscape. We are at Rocciaglie, a barricade of rocks rising from the river Angrogna up to the Turle, which represented in the past a barricade for Waldensian people who were trying […]

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Roca Ghiesa – Prarostino

7 March 2014

Hi all! Maybe I’ve already recounted you about Prarostino, but a tiny review is always good: today we’re going right here, in a small hill town with 1200 inhabitant in the province of Torino, at the confluence between Chisone and Pellice valleys. Historical documents tell us that Waldesians lived in this area since early 16th […]

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