Special: Who are the Waldensians?

13 February 2015

Hello guys, welcome back! Our daily adventure is going to be a bit special, ‘cause I want to talk to you about the Waldensian movement and about the celebration that will be commemorated next Tuesday… On February 17th, in fact, all of Waldensian communities, in particularly in the valleys near Pinerolo, celebrate an important religious […]

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Mirabouc Fort

16 January 2015

Hello, my friends! Today we are back in high Pellice Valley to talk a little about history… In the years 1560-61, maybe because of the freedom achieved with the agreement of Cavour, in the local authorities a belief increased that a new fort should be built in the valley in order to hold out against […]

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Valdesina goes on holiday! Lyon

19 December 2014

Valdesina goes on holiday! Lyon Welcome back, my friends, nice to see you again! This is our last piece of 2014 and, for the occasion, I really would like to tell you about an extraordinary adventure: today we will move to France, in order to tell the story of famous Valdo, whom the Waldensian movement […]

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Legend: The dog of Prassuit – Angrogna

5 December 2014

Hello guys, welcome back! Today we are in a suburb of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, formerly known as “Preisuch”, which is nowadays known as “Prassuit”, a name that means “dry meadow” because in the whole area there are no water sources (which once made irrigating fields impossible!). …this story, however, talks about something else, and […]

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Temple of Maniglia – Perrero

24 October 2014

Good morning to everybody! Today we’re going to talk a little bit about history! I’d like to recount you the story of the temples in the Perrero’s hamlet called Maniglia. The most ancient temple was located in the small village of Serre and it had been built in the first half of 16th Century. Despite […]

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Vrocchi- Bovile

26 September 2014

Hi all! Today I’ll take you in Val Germanasca in a hamlet of Bovile called Vrocchi. In this place I had the chance to visit a small but very interesting museum set into the town’s Beckwith school. This small school hosted the local students until 1932 and, for a short time, during the Second World […]

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Legend: The treasure of Pradeltorno – Angrogna

25 August 2014

  Hello everybody! Nice to see you again! Today we are back in Pradeltorno, in the municipality of Angrogna (Turin), ‘cause this village is famous not only for its peculiar Waldensian temple and for the school of “Barba” (of medieval orgin), but also due to some famous legends about an extraordinary treasure hidden right here. […]

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Pian d’la Svirota – Rorà

24 August 2014

Hi guys! Today I want to enter the woods of Rorà, in Pellice Valley, to go and search for a place which name is directly connected to a historical event that seems to have happened here. I really would like to see the place where the bandit Giosuè Gianavello succeeded in cheating the enemy troops with […]

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The Huguenot cross

18 April 2014

Hello! I really hope you liked the previous story about the Waldensian costume, ’cause today I want to tell you something about another important element of Waldensian tradition and clothes; you may have noticed that many people wear a characteristic pendant, called “Huguenot cross”. What is it? It takes its name from the French Protestants, […]

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Traditional Waldensian dress

11 April 2014

Hello, my friends! Nice to see you again! Today I am very happy, ’cause I’m gonna tell you something special. Next Sunday, in fact, will be Palm Sunday and for tradition Waldensian boys and girls will receive Baptism or Confirmation. Very often in Waldensian tradition children are not baptized when they are infant, but they […]

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