The bestiary of Waldensian Valleys – Loup garou

8 December 2017

Today I want to tell you about a folkloric creature, often spotted in Waldensian Valleys. I’m talking about a mixed one, half canine and half human, with a unrestrainable ferocity and the very bad habit of eating all the unlucky ones that bump into it. Yes, I’m talking about the werewolf, also known in the […]

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Legend: The dog of Prassuit – Angrogna

5 December 2014

Hello guys, welcome back! Today we are in a suburb of Angrogna, in Pellice Valley, formerly known as “Preisuch”, which is nowadays known as “Prassuit”, a name that means “dry meadow” because in the whole area there are no water sources (which once made irrigating fields impossible!). …this story, however, talks about something else, and […]

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