Temple of Maniglia – Perrero

Good morning to everybody! Today we’re going to talk a little bit about history! I’d like to recount you the story of the temples in the Perrero’s hamlet called Maniglia.

The most ancient temple was located in the small village of Serre and it had been built in the first half of 16th Century. Despite of being a small village, Maniglia was a place of big importance since the first ages of the organization of Waldesian churches, so important that it included the villages of Chiabrano, Salza, Massello and Pomeifrè.

Eccomi di fronte al tempio! Venite con me?
Here I am in front of the temple. Come with me!

Because there were many Waldesians in all these hamlets, in the second half of 16th Century was decided to install ministers also in Massello and Rodoretto.

For two years, since 1670, the pastor of the church of Maniglia was Henri Arnaud, which is very famous in the Waldesian history because he was the leader of the Glorioso Rimpatrio (literally “Glorious repatriation”), which is the brave comeback to their own land of a group of Waldesians who avoided the persecutions.

Dalla borgata Baissa si vede proprio un bel panorama!
From Baissa hamlet you can see a stunning landscape!

The temple of Serre, like many others, was destroyed during the religious wars at the end of XVII Century and rebuilt in 1711. Nowadays we can still see near the temple a plaque which commemorates the year of the reconstruction. But the tough luck of that temple never ends! In 1800 a huge snowfall damaged it in an harsh way.

The plaque of the Serre temple

The new temple, the one you can see in the photo, was built in Baissa hamlet after a lot of discussione between parts of the population, which had to choose the right place. The works started in 1839, and after two years the new temple was opened.

How to get here
From Pinerolo go towards the Val Chisone following the directions to Perosa Argentina. When you arrive there follow the directions to Perrero.
Overtake the centre of Perrero following the Strada provinciale 169. Before crossing the bridge you’ll see a road climbing up on the right with the directions to Maniglia. Take that road and follow it for 3kms until you get the Baissa hamlet.

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