Moisa, Prarostino

Today I’m telling you a legend which gives me the creeps.
We’re in Prarostino, a village between Val Pellice and Val Germanasca that maybe you already know because of other legends I recounted you.

This is the road which climbs to the Moisa
This is the road which climbs to the Moisa

The story is about two peasants which a night, illuminated by the moonshine, were coming back home talking and chatting in total quiet. At a certain point they began to hear some lamb moans behind them. The more these voices were approaching, the more they sounded them gloomy and dreadful.

One of the two men tried to pluck himself and started to laugh loudly in order to avoid the moans.
– Don’t laugh in such a way! You must not mock with “them”! – said his fellow.
– What? Do you believe in wiz…
– Shut up! Haven’t you noticed that it’s following us?

Yes, during the day it's not so scary, but I wouldn't stay here after the sunset!
Yes, during the day it’s not so scary, but I wouldn’t stay here after the sunset!

When they reached the Moiza (Moisa) hamlet, the peasant who believed in wizards began to shake like a leaf lamenting a sudden cold. Supported by his friend, they slowly followed on their way along the road. At a certain crossing a strange and frightening vision appeared. It was a big white lady who was staring at them in a penetrating way without saying a word. The two men passed over, but at the following intersection the same figure reappeared magically with the same wicked gaze.
The man, chilled and scared, more dead than alive, whispered: «It’s her!», but he never wanted to reveal to anybody the identity of his mysterious enemy.

Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you believe in ghosts?

How to get here:
From Pinerolo you have to reach San Secondo di Pinerolo. From here go on following the directions to Prarostino. At the fork between Via Cesare Battisti and the SP165 to Prarostino, go straight in Via Cesare Battisti. Turn in Via Brusiti and go on towards Via Roc del Gay until you’ll reach a group of houses on the right, in the middle of the forest. If you follow your path on a very steep pedestrian road you’ll be able to continue your walk to Via Massera.

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