The ancient fiery festivals

14 December 2018

Hello kids! Today I’d like to go back and talk to you about some of the most ancient traditions of the Valleys, those dating back to a period much before struggles for religion, even before Waldensians arrived here… I’d like to back to a time when human beings used to celebrate nature through one of […]

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Traditional Waldensian dress

11 April 2014

Hello, my friends! Nice to see you again! Today I am very happy, ’cause I’m gonna tell you something special. Next Sunday, in fact, will be Palm Sunday and for tradition Waldensian boys and girls will receive Baptism or Confirmation. Very often in Waldensian tradition children are not baptized when they are infant, but they […]

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Stallè – Luserna San Giovanni

14 February 2014

Good morning, my friends! Today’s walk is gonna be very special: for the first time since we started our adventures together, we are in a place where… history has yet to happen! Yes, kids… you got it right… Today we are at Stallè hamlet, between the towns of Angrogna and Luserna San Giovanni in Pellice […]

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Legend: The burned nappies – Charmis, Villar Pellice

25 October 2013

Hi there! My dear children, are you ready for a new tale of witchcrafts? Today we are at Charmis, a hamlet of Villar Pellice, where it is told that time ago strange events happened… In this small group of houses, where all of the inhabitants used to know and respect each other, the members of […]

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