Legend: The burned nappies – Charmis, Villar Pellice

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My dear children, are you ready for a new tale of witchcrafts?
Today we are at Charmis, a hamlet of Villar Pellice, where it is told that time ago strange events happened…

Upper Pellice Valley - view from Charmis
Upper Pellice Valley – view from Charmis

In this small group of houses, where all of the inhabitants used to know and respect each other, the members of a family stood out ’cause they were particularly good and hard-working.
Unfortunately, at a certain point these good people began to be victims of a horrible misfortune: all of their children, at a certain age, became ill and shortly after they died. These kids’ parents were desperate: they did not know what to do, they tried any remedy, but nothing seemed to have any effect.

Vegetable garden at Charmis
Vegetable garden at Charmis

One day the youngest child suddenly got sick, too. His mother looked after him and his father spent his days sitting sad and depressed in the courtyard. One day a neighbour came to talk to the little child’s father, and immediately after the two men moved to turn the oven on.

Old stone oven
Old stone oven

In the afternoon the situation got worse, and in a while the kid died; it was a huge pain for the mother, because she had no other children. In that moment, the kid’s father strode into the room, he spoiled the little corpse of his diaper and he ran into the yard.
His wife looked upset at him from the balcony, and even the neighbours rushed to the yard, thinking that the man had gone mad due to the big tragedy.
The father, instead, exactly knew what he was doing: he went to the oven and threw inside the diapers. However, the diapers were initially spit out of the fire.

The little Waldensian school at Charmis
The little Waldensian school at Charmis

The man did not give up: he threw back again the diapers in the fire, and then he put a big stone in front of the opening of the oven. Again, an invisible force tried to push the stone in order to throw out the diapers.
The neighbours, who were looking at the astonishing event, decided to help the father, and they succeeded in blocking the stone. After a short time, the stone did not move any more, and when they looked into the oven, they could only see the burnt out diapers.

Creek seen from Charmis
Creek seen from Charmis

Actually, in the nearby village of Barneoud, just as the diapers were burning, a man suddenly fell stone dead.
The day after, while his relatives were bringing the corpse to the cemetery, a kind of black liquid began to drip from the coffin.
His relatives, in big embarrassment, acted as nothing was happening and they tried to hurry the funeral, but in the end they were forced by the other locals to open the coffin.
Inside it there was the man’s charred corpse. It was then understood that he was a witch-doctor and that he was the one who had put the horrible spell on the family from Charmis.
Fortunately, after his death, the good family had many other children… and all of them grew adult and healthy!

How to get here:
After 5 km from the town of Torre Pellice (Turin), along the Provincial Road 161 entering the town of Villar Pellice, turn right into the street with the signs for the “Ciarmis, Porracira, Rocca Rossa, Violin”hamlets.After 700 m you will be in village Charmis.

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