Dubbione, Pinasca – Fontana dell’Orsa

3 July 2015

Today I want to go with you in Val Chisone, more precisely in the village of Dubbione, in Pinasca. Near to the hamlet there’s a pretty fountain from which fresh water gushes. During the day, a lot of people stops here to fill bottles with this delicious water. This fountain is popular as Fontana dell’Orsa […]

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Legend: Toumpi d’l Oursa – Angrogna

28 August 2013

Good morning my friends! Today we’ll have to watch our step, unless we want to slip in the water and take a bath, just like it happened to the main character of the tale I’m about to tell you…. First of all, however, I want to tell you something about the place we’re visiting today. […]

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