Napoleon Bridge – Bobbio Pellice

1 July 2016

Hello! Today I went back to Bobbio Pellice (Torino) to take you to see a beautiful arch bridge, entirely built of stone, which has perfectly held out here for almost 400 years and which has a very outstanding name: welcome at Napoleon Bridge! We are few steps far from Malpertus, a small village I already […]

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Legend: the fairies of Barmascura – Luserna San Giovanni

2 November 2015

Hi! Today we’re near the Luserna stream, in Val Pellice, to discover some of the clefts in the rocks where it’s said that once upon a time lived the fantine, the fairies who originally lived in the Waldesian valleys. The fairies of Barmascura were tiny women very dynamic and full of vigour. They used to […]

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Legend: the girl of Pontevecchio – Luserna San Giovanni

15 November 2013

Hello guys! Today we are at Pontevecchio, a location halfway between Rorà and to Luserna San Giovanni in Pellice Valley; it takes its name from the bridge built over the river Luserna (the Englich for “Pontevecchio” is “Old Bridge”). This place is (sadly) known because of a bloody battle which took place here on 1944, […]

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Vengie – Angrogna

6 September 2013

Hey kids! Ready for a new visit? The little river you can see in this picture is famous because, long time ago, it was cause of separation among people from Angrogna. This creek, that originates from Barbotta and flows into the Angrogna river at the bottom of the valley (just before Reynaud Rock) is called […]

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Legend: Toumpi d’l Oursa – Angrogna

28 August 2013

Good morning my friends! Today we’ll have to watch our step, unless we want to slip in the water and take a bath, just like it happened to the main character of the tale I’m about to tell you…. First of all, however, I want to tell you something about the place we’re visiting today. […]

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